Impact CNC Routers can be utilised for a number of different woodworking applications.  Whether you need to cut hardwoodssoftwoodsMDFparticleboard or any similar product, we have the right machine for you.  Woodworking applications generally require accurate cutting, fast cutting speeds and a rigid machine.

Woodworking can be simple in many ways, but certain things have to be in place to get the best results.  The correct cutters and cutting speeds must be used otherwise cutter life is reduced.  Vacuum hold down must be strong enough to hold down boards and also parts after they have been cut.  Dust extraction must be efficient as woodworking creates a lot of sawdust.  At Impact CNC we can engineer a solution to your requirements.  Some of the specific applications we already cater to include:

  • Furniture Manufacturing
  • Staircase Manufacturing
  • Cabinet Making
  • Shop Fitting
  • Craft Businesses
  • Sign Manufacturing
  • 3D Carving