I'm a Cabinet Maker, which machines would suit me best?
The Impact CNC Hurricane and Tornado are great machines for kitchen cabinet production. They both offer Auto Tool Change, either with a static tool rack or with a rotary carousel mounted on the gantry for greater efficiency. They are also available with optional sheet loading function to further boost efficiency and reduce lifting requirements. Both models can also be fitted with multibore spindles to increase speed when drilling holes.

I need a very accurate CNC Router. Will the Impact CNC machines provide me with the accuracy I require?
They certainly will! The Hurricane and Tornado both feature AC Servo drive motors. These motors are very powerful, but importantly they have encoders which check the position throughout the machining process. The Hurricane, Tornado and Thunder all feature helical rack and pinion on the X and Y axes which offer much more accuracy than standard rack and pinion. These machines also have direct drive motors which means no belts - therefore no stretching or breaking over time!

Are the Impact CNC Routers capable of doing 3D work?
Yes, our routers are 3D ready and they are compatible with most 3D CAD software. Whether you're looking to do carving of signs, furniture and the like or whether you are manufacturing components or objects like surfboards we have some great solutions.

I need a CNC Router but I've never used one. Can you provide assistance?
Yes we can! Each router we sell comes with comprehensive training and on-going support. Prior to installation we put each machine through a rigorous testing procedure. This ensures we can install the machine quickly and efficiently and use the majority of our on-site time for training. We tailor the training to your experience and offer ongoing support after the installation to answer those "how to" questions.

I'm interested in seeing the Impact CNC Routers. How can I arrange a demonstration?
We have a comprehensive showroom in the Brisbane suburb of Geebung. On display are a wide variety of machines so customers can make an informed comparison. Prospects from right around Australia are welcome to visit and we can arrange airport pickup as we are close to Brisbane International Airport. We also have dealers in other states who can assist with demos and for those who can't make it in person we can offer live video demonstrations via the internet. Contact us for an appointment.

I need to cut sheets that are larger than 8' x 4'. Can your machines do this?
They certainly can. Within each model we offer a range of standard sizes up to 4m x 2m. If you need bigger than that custom sizes are available too.

Can I use my existing design software to create shapes? I don't want to learn new software or redo all my existing files!
That's understandable. Many customers have existing files ready to go when they get their new router. You can use those files as our router software can import many common file formats. Just import your files, put the tool paths on them and output to the machine. No point re-inventing the wheel!

I don't live in Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney - can you support me?
We sure can!  We have installed Impact CNC Routers in areas from Darwin to Hobart and many wonderful places in between!  Our machines include delivery, installation and onsite training throughout Australia.  So wherever you are we come to you and spend plenty of time making sure you know the machine before we leave.  Our comprehensive after-sales support ensures you'll get all the answers you need in the future too!

Got any further questions? Please don't hesitate to Contact Us!