Aluminium Composite

Impact CNC Routers are ideal for the machining of aluminium composite sheet used for architectural, cladding or signage projects.

Traditionally the production of these panels has been done with panel saws, guillotines, hand routers and turret punches. This is very labour intensive and it is difficult to maintain consistency and accuracy of the finished product.

An Impact CNC Router can increase production rates, efficiency and accuracy and machines are available in various bed sizes to handle full sheets in one piece.

    Aluminium composite sheets are sometimes more commonly known by their brand name, some of which include:

    • Alpolic
    • Alucobond
    • Dibond
    • ConectBond
    • SkyBond
    • Alucobest
    • Ultrasign
    • Aluwedo
    • Almaxco
    • Signbond
    • Probond
    • ProPanel