Cabinet Making

Cabinet Makers traditionally used a panel saw combined with a manual router, hand drill, point-to-point or any combination of these items to produce kitchens.  This method was labour intensive and it was prone to human error.  How easy is it when you’re in a hurry to accidentally cut a 678mm panel at 687mm instead?

With an Impact CNC Router cabinet makers can use Nested Based Manufacturing (NBM) to process all their panels.  NBM is simply a manufacturing technique that allows you to improve production time and quality as well as material yield, utilising just one machine and the right software system.  Less floor space is required as the CNC Router is not much bigger than the sheet it is cutting.  One machine operator can do all the cutting and in many situations the operator can also do the edge banding while the next sheet is cutting.

This frees up staff for assembly and installation work.  Everything is automated so parts fit together perfectly and construction and shelf holes are in the right place. 

To handle cabinet making requirements a CNC Router must be fast, strong and durable.  The Hurricane and Tornado are the work horses in our line-up.  Some of the features that set them apart from a normal CNC Router are:

  • Steel gantry and table construction
  • Fast AC Servo drives on the X and Y axes
  • Direct drive gearboxes – no belts to stretch or break
  • Helical rack and pinion for superior accuracy
  • Sealed THK bearings virtually eliminate grease requirements

Smaller cabinet shops will just need a standard router; however for medium to large shops we offer a range of options to further increase throughput.  These options include:

  • Sheet loading
  • Static Rack Tool Changer or Carousel on the Gantry
  • Multibore spindles for fast drilling of holes
  • Sheet alignment pop-up pins